Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sedgwick Birthday Cake

This gi-normous birthday cake is a Sedgwick tradition. This is my first attempt at making it, however, in the 11+ years we've been married. I've always been too intimidated by the ice cream. This picture was taken after half of it had been eaten, and the ice cream was well on it's way to melting. But you get the idea of it's delicious-ness. I can't really call it a "recipe" because nothing is homemade, but here are the instructions for making it:

Birthday Cake

Chocolate Cake Mix (I used Devil's Food moist supreme)
1 1/2 tubs of fudge frosting (the more frosting, the better!)
Mint n Chip ice cream
Cool Whip

Bake the cake in two 8-inch round pans, cool, then cut each cake in half so you have four halves. Then freeze the cakes so they are easier to work with (wrap in plastic wrap or ziploc bags). You will only use 3 of the cake layers. Frost each layer of cake, then pull the ice cream out. You have to work fast now so the ice cream doesn't melt and make a big mess. Cut the ice cream into chunks until it fits nicely on top of the bottom cake layer (use the rounded corners for the edges so it looks prettier, but it's obviously not going to be a perfect circle). Do that for 2 layers, then put cool whip on the top layer of cake/frosting. I topped it all with chocolate shavings, but you can use whatever your little heart desires (maraschino cherries look nice). Wrap wax paper around the sides of the cake, and it will make it look nicer and keep it from dripping so much. Serve slightly defrosted so the cake is moist and not dry. Try not to eat more than one slice or you might get sick. :)


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