Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mozzarella and Prosciutto Sandwiches

We had amazing weather here in LA over Easter weekend so Beau and I decided to go to the beach and spend the day exploring Malibu. While there we ate lunch at a walk-up-window style Italian Cafe that looked really good and then ate outside. Beau ordered a sandwich that was sooo good and upon further examination I realized that I could totally make it at home and didn't need to pay someone $13!! Although the ingredients are not something you would have ready on hand they are not hard to find and make a super yummy low maintenance and fairly healthy italian sandwich and it's fun to play around with depending on what you like!

Bread: Ciabatta -toasted
Spread: small amount of olive oil with a sprinkle of dry basil (i wanted to try pesto and got it out to use but it had gone bad :( but i bet it would be good on it)
Meat: Prosciutto or any other italian meat- (i just bought an italian 3 pack with calabrese salame, prosciutto and capocollo at Trader Joes that was really yummy)
Cheese: Fresh fresh fresh mozzarella..mmmmm
Veggies: arugula (lots of arugula a must!!) and sun dried tomatoes ( i used fresh tomatoes because Trader Joes has some right now that taste like they are straight out of the garden and it makes the sandwich a little more moist)

Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!!


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