Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cheesy Tomato Bread

I am a sucker for all things tomatoes.  Therefore--this is perfect for me!  Quick, healthy meal with some added protein.  

Cheesy Tomato Bread
From Made Blog 

Here are the toppings:
* Mozzarella Cheese
* Fresh Tomatoes (sliced or diced)
* Parmesan Cheese (fancy or plain jane, like mine)
Lightly butter the front and back of your bread. If it's a "let's eat a light lunch since I had 3 cookies last night (and ice cream)" kind of day, I may use spray butter or none at all. But the butter really adds to the toast, so go for it!

Sprinkle the buttered top with tomatoes:
add a little salt and pepper:
Then comes my favorite part: cheese. Bread is really just a vehicle for consuming melty cheesy goodness, right?
Be as liberal as you'd like with cheese over the tomatoes.
Finish it off with Parmesan Cheese and you're ready to toast!
I prefer using the Toaster Oven because it's small and uses less energy for one little piece of bread. If you're making a large batch though use the conventional oven.

Now the KEY here is to first toast the bread and then broil the top (If you just toast, the cheese doesn't brown enough on top. And if you just broil, the bottom of the toast is soggy. So do both).

Toast the bread for the normal time you would toast a slice of bread. Then flip your Toaster Oven to Broil and let the top get bubbly and brown. No time frame here; just broil to your liking. And you're done!


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