Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pizza Sandwiches

These have recently become a family favorite after seeing the idea on six sisters. Its obviously super simple and I'm a little embarrassed to even be posting....but we love it so I gotta share!  Its also super quick and every single person (even my picky husband) loves it. But I'm tellin' ya, ya need to use the white bread and real butter. Taste will definitely be sacrificed if you don't! We've only made them with pepperoni or just cheese but the options are endless with this recipe!

Pizza Sandwiches

-Medium weight White bread (we use the "Italian" variety made by pepperidge farm)
-Mozzarella cheese mixed with a bit of parmesano orregiano
-Italian seasoning
-garlic powder
-SOFT butter
-other pizza toppings if desired (banana peppers, olives, sausage, etc.)
-pizza/spaghetti sauce

Mix soft butter with seasonings and garlic powder. I usually do about 4 T butter and 1 t. of ea seasoning.
Spread seasoned butter on one side of two pieces of white bread. Place on panini maker, griddle, or frying pan with cheese and desired topping in between bread. Serve with a dish of hot spaghetti/pizza sauce.


Jessica Sedgwick said...

I made these a few nights ago when I didn't have anything else planned for dinner. They were quick and so delicious! They reminded me of those yummy mozzarella sticks.

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