Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jello Salad

Sorry I don't have a picture, but I just got this recipe from a lady in my ward. She made this jello salad for our ward Christmas party, and it was so delicious that mom has been begging me to get the recipe for her. I've never made it, but I can vouch for it's great taste. So here it is...

Mix the following and chill until set:
1 large package raspberry jello
1 can blueberry or strawberry or cherry pie filling
Dice 1 or 2 apples or peaches
2 cups boiling water
1 large can crushed pineapple with juice

Beat the following until smooth, and put on top of the firm set jello:
1 pkg cream cheese
4 Tbs. sugar
16 oz. sour cream

Top with nuts, pineapple chunks, or anything you'd like!


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