Monday, May 20, 2019

Poppyseed Pleaser Salad


Yes. I made that name up all on my own. My friend, Sarah Ripperdan, shared this recipe with me after serving this crowd pleaser. EVERYONE WILL LOVE THIS SALAD. It tasted so fresh, light and sweet. It was also beautiful bc she mixed in so many colorful veggies. I can't recall for sure (and i don't wanna be accountable) but i may have had thirds or fourths.

Mix the following in blender
1/2 c sugar
1 t salt
1 t dry mustard
half small onion or small red onion
1/3 c red wine vinegar (will give the dressing a slightly pink hue)
After blended, add 1 T of poppy seeds and slowly add 1 c canola oil.

Salad (the options are endless but this is what she used and it was heavenly):
spring mix
chopped apples
red pepper
high quality shredded parm cheese
caramelized pecans (this is seriously the best part)

Carmelized Pecans:
Put a handful of pecans in a skillet. Add about 1/3 c sugar. Let the sugar caramelize as you stir. Be careful not to burn.Let them get slightly toasted. As they cool, the pecans harden.


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