Monday, May 20, 2019

Healthy, Easy, and Quick Chicken Salad

Healthy, Easy and Quick Chicken Salad

Before you read this recipe I must make a confession. It uses canned chicken. Don't run. Don't judge me. I also have never enjoy canned chicken in particular. BUTTTTT I had this at a recent get together and immediately asked for the recipe and was very surprised it had canned chicken. Also....I've put forth an effort to simplify cooking recently so this answered that plea. The options and add-ins are endless. When i served this to my family, I did it like a chicken salad bar. I put sliced sliced almonds, craisins, chopped pickles, grapes, pineapple, green onions, etc all in small bowls so people could add what they liked. Here's the core of the recipe:

Two cans of Canned chicken (I like Sam's Club, Tyson or Kirkland brand...don't go cheap here)
light mayo
0% Fage greek yogurt
green onions
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Are you the type that hates recipes if there aren't specific measurements. Me too. But I also recognize that some people like a "juicier" chicken salad. I don't. So jut add your preference. I probably did about 1/3 c of mayo and yogurt. 3-4 green onions. I forgot the celery. A dash of the seasonings.
We ate it on healthy, delicious pita bread. Then the next day I ate it with the amazing crunch master crackers.


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