Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lite Pasta

**Photo from YourhomebasedMom blog

For all of you sausage haters out there--repent!  You've got to try this dish.  It's fun to use sausage every now and then and this is a definite good one!

Lite Pasta    
From Your Homebased Mom blog

1 16 oz. spaghetti – cook in salted water, Drain, & rinse in hot water (keep warm).
1 to 2 pounds  polish sausage, sliced
6 Tbsps. olive oil
2 cloves garlic, pressed
1 red bell pepper, cut in cubes
1 medium onion, cut in wedges
3-4 small (hot dog size) zucchini, cut in strips
4 tsps. chicken bouillon granules;
2 tsps. basil
2 tsps salt (or less)
2 dashes cayenne pepper (I left this out)

Heat oil; add sausage and stir fry.  Add onion & red pepper; spinkle in remaining spices & stir fry.
Add zucchini last so that it does not overcook.  Onion and red pepper take a longer
time to cook.  Toss with pasta.  Serve warm.


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