Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red Velvet Thingy-Dingy's

Can something be too good?  Probably not, but these would be close!

Red Velvet Thingy-Dingy's

From The Mother Huddle Blog
1 box of Red Velvet cake mix
1 stick salted butter, melted
2 eggs
¾ cup of French Vanilla coffee creamer
  • Pre-heat oven to 350°
  • Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until well blended
  • Spread batter onto a 12″ x 17″ sheet pan lined with wax paper
  • Bake for 13-15 minutes, do not overcook
  • When finished set on a cooling rack

Once cooled, turn over onto another sheet of wax paper and cut out your hearts.  I used a heart that was the size of the palm of my hand excluding the fingers.  This gave me 12 hearts and six finished treats.  You could use a smaller cut out and get more of course, bite size would be fun.

Place the cutouts onto a plate and into the freezer while you make the filling, it will make things a little easier.
For the filling:
8 ounces of Cream Cheese
Powdered sugar
½ tsp Vanilla extract, the good stuff
Notice I didn’t put an amount for the powdered sugar.  I don’t like a lot of sugar, some do, so I say just add some a cup at a time until it is as sweet as you want it.  Mix all these ingredients until well blended.
Take your brownies out of the freezer spread a good amount of the filling onto one of the hearts.Then cover with another heart.  Sprinkle powdered sugar on top.  Enjoy!


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