Monday, March 21, 2016

Yummy Sandwich Wraps

I made these for a school function last week (using the hummus recipe posted right below this) and they were a hit!  I kept sneaking bites before I sent them off- they are super refreshing and extremely healthy (vegan if you can find a vegan tortilla).  They were gone so fast at the event and it made a ton!  You could keep the ingredients in the fridge, ready to go if you need a quick and easy lunch, or cut small and serve a crowd.
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Yummy Sandwich Wraps
Suzette Larson

Bell peppers (all colors)
Deli sliced turkey (optional- omit for vegan/vegetarian)

Just spread hummus on one half of the tortilla (half-moon shape), spread the veggies lengthwise that have been cut into long, thin strips across the tortilla, throw a couple slices of turkey and roll. I spread a bit more hummus as I rolled it up to help it stick together. 

Roll it up tight and let rest while you roll the next. When you're finished rolling, start with the first one you rolled and slice diagonally, leaving off the ends. 


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