Saturday, September 6, 2014

El Charro Dip

Yup. You read that right fellow Georgians. El Charro dip. Emily and I (Emily really), after much prodding from our waiter, figured out how to make our own El Charro dip and its pretty dang authentic and delicious. Prepare to be addicted.
El Charro Dip
1 cup of 2% or higher milk
1/2 lb. white American cheese (its very hard to find in the regular cheese section...I almost always have to go to the deli)

Bring milk to a boil on medium high heat. Add in cheese and stir continually until its all incorporated and melted. Serve with On the border or Tostito's Cantina chips. YUM YUM! This is great reheated too. I also love to drizzle it on top of enchiladas or use the leftover for nachos another night. 


Unknown said...

Amazing! We make it at least once a week now. Not so healthy, but so good!

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